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Factory of Enduring Beauty
For Use In: Spas, Beauty Salons,
Health Resorts, Thermal centers,
and Professional Institutes.

ZOAR Company of Dead Sea natural products was established in 1996. It is specialized in producing natural cosmetic products which components are extracted from the Dead Sea. These products help in curing dermatological problems and our best products are the salts and the mud of the Dead Sea, scented soap, different cosmetic products for hair, skin, face, and body, and special products for feet.

Our company seeks, pays attention, and is always keen to develop its products as it applies the management system of the International Standards Organization (ISO 9001:2000) in order to produce high quality products that meet the international and local specifications and standards.

The company was named after the city of “Zoar” which was severally mentioned in the Holy Bible (the Genesis19: 1-29). It is the city to which Prophet Lot had fled when God sent down a rain of fire and sulphur on the city of Sodom and Gamora. God ordered Prophet Lot to take his wife and his two daughters to a remote mountain so they would not die. Prophet Lot prayed to God not to destroy the city of Zoar so he and his family can resort to instead of the mountain. God responded to his request and blessed the city of Zoar. According to the geographical studies Zoar is a land located in the East bank of the Dead Sea in the region of Moab at the borders of “Nabataea”. It is an Arab Kingdom and Petra is its capital. It is more likely that Zoar is a small village located in Ghor Safi at the southern eastern side of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth (1312 ft below the sea level), located in the heart of the holy land. It is fed by River Jordan and numerous thermo-mineral water springs, which makes it a unique source of natural minerals in the world and have proven attributes necessary for smooth, soft, healthy looking skin and complete body relaxation

<> Our Vision: We aim to be a unique, well-known trade mark internationally in the field of manufacturing and developing natural beauty and skin care products which are based on the salts and mud of the Dead Sea and we aim to be a consultant an authority expert specialized in that Field.

<> Our Mission: Is to produce unique natural products, which meet the customers’ needs and requirements, in an innovative and creative way. This in turn will contribute in the economic growth and the social welfare of the society classes.

Z OAR'S Manufacturing Philosophy

 We use the Dead Sea natural ingredients (mineral salts, mud, and   spring water).
We use recyclable packing (only where the recycling processes dose    not hurt the environment).
 We use natural aroma-therapy essential oils and herbal extracts    obtained from bio-organic agricultural plants, to produce a powerful    new force in cosmetic formulations.
 We do not test our products on animals.
We do not use animal ingredients.
 We share our thoughts with our business partners to bring the    wonderful added benefit of the Dead Sea minerals to the hands of our    consumers throughout our diversified range of products.

Indulge yourself in the ancient secrets of the
Dead Sea with its renowned therapeutic mineral qualities
Beauty & Natural Care

There is only one Dead Sea in the world

Discover the unique, spectacular & unspoiled place


For Centuries, the ancient secret minerals of the Dead Sea have been known to have mysterious healing and beautifying powers!
Going back thousands of years ago in the ancient Egyptian times, Cleopatra, in fact, build her own spas to use them for bathing in salt and masking her body in mud to relax and to stay beautiful and youthful-looking for so long. Due to the extensive use of the Dead Sea minerals, Cleopatra, indeed, achieved maximum beauty, which allowed her to stay naturally beautiful at the highest level possible.

Today , the Dead Sea has taken on a new dimension. Modern scientists, dermatologists, naturists and experts from around the world, have discovered and proven the important meanings of the Dead Sea minerals, for its unique therapeutic and rejuvenating properties.

 These minerals have been known as a source of     treatment and nourishment for the body and soul. It     provides help for many common muscular aches and     pains while moisturizing and conditioning for a radiant     and silky-smooth skin.
 It has a high ability to restore normal skin moisture,      tones  and brightens, while improving the skins natural      PH balance.

Natural Dead Sea Products

Our main aim is to add real value to the wonderful minerals of the
Dead Sea for the benefit of our customers.

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