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Zoar Bath Salt
Zoar Mud Mask
Zoar Mud Soap
Zoar Mineral Soap
Zoar Hair Shampoo
Zoar Shower Gel
Zoar Body Lotion
Zoar Massage Oil
Zoar Exfolianting-Scurbbing Lotion
Zoar Facial Cleansing Wash
Zoar Salt Scurb
Zoar Brine Water

There is only one Dead Sea in the world

Discover the unique, spectacular & unspoiled place


For Centuries, the ancient secret minerals of the Dead Sea have been known to have mysterious healing and beautifying powers!
Going back thousands of years ago in the ancient Egyptian times, Cleopatra, in fact, build her own spas to use them for bathing in salt and masking her body in mud to relax and to stay beautiful and youthful-looking for so long. Due to the extensive use of the Dead Sea minerals, Cleopatra, indeed, achieved maximum beauty, which allowed her to stay naturally beautiful at the highest level possible.

Today , the Dead Sea has taken on a new dimension. Modern scientists, dermatologists, naturists and experts from around the world, have discovered and proven the important meanings of the Dead Sea minerals, for its unique therapeutic and rejuvenating properties.

 These minerals have been known as a source of     treatment and nourishment for the body and soul. It     provides help for many common muscular aches and     pains while moisturizing and conditioning for a radiant     and silky-smooth skin.
 It has a high ability to restore normal skin moisture,      tones  and brightens, while improving the skins natural      PH balance.

Natural Dead Sea Products

Our main aim is to add real value to the wonderful minerals of the
Dead Sea for the benefit of our customers.

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